First Canadian Parachute Battalion
Living History Company
A Company

Atlantic Canada

Unit History/Date Formed Unit formed in December 1999.
Recruiting Requirements Recruits are sponsored by a unit member in good standing.  The sponsoring member will assist the recruit in obtaining kit, learning drill and learning about the Battalions history.  All new members will have one year to complete the "required" kit list.  Regular membership age is 18 years or older.  Members of A Coy , 1st Can Para must pay annual dues of twenty five Canadian dollars due the first month of the year.  These proceeds will go towards our web site and newsletters.  New members will not have voting privileges until they have attended one event as part of this unit.  After this event the new member will be subject to unit approval of their membership by way of a vote.   To retain membership standing requires attendence at least one event per year and all scheduled meetings.
Contact Persons Brad Mills

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Lieutenant B. Mills, Private Sam Cormier, Lance Corporal James Thompson and Sergeant Bill Hebb (Click to Enlarge)